Why bespoke alcove cupboards

Why bespoke alcove units are cheeper then DIY one

1. DIY is not as cheap as it seems

Although prices for DIY alcove cabinets can be “easily” calculated online, you will find yourself being charged heavy extras for minor design differences, styling choice or sizings. You can be charged extra for wanting a small hole for cables to go through. At Alcove Carpentry, we take all components of your design into consideration, providing you with a competitive price for the entire project. Our units come as the one, which can be fully loaded with all extras, without additional charges. When comparing standard unit costs across suppliers, Alcove Carpentry prices certainly rival those of competitors and DIY suppliers.

2. DIY is not a perfect fit

DIY alcove units do not offer the same level of unique customisation and fit as would a skilled carpenter with many years of experience in the trade. Having your alcove cabinets custom made by Alcove Carpentry avoids any complications with sizing. During a site visit, one of our well-experienced carpenters will take precise measurements of the space, ensuring all alcove units fit perfectly, with no size compromises, gaps or fillers.

We also offer great flexibility on dimensions of the framing, doors, and paneling. Alcove units supplied by Alcove Carpentry are bespoke and prepared individually to each space and customer.

3. DIY lacks attention to detail

At Alcove Carpentry we care about finesse. We are proud of the service we provide and furniture we create, always wanting the best product for you the customer. Whether it is always using high quality paint to ensure the best finish on the product, or working with you on any last minute tweaks and changes you may wish to implement. What we care most about is client satisfaction and stunning piece of furniture that meets all your expectations.

Explore our webpage for design inspirations and contact us today to start the alcove unit journey!


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