The anatomy of Alcove unit

The anatomy of Alcove Unit

At the very top of the alcove sits the coving, which is a curved wooden strip used as a junction to begin the transition from the ceiling to the bookcase shelving.

The bookcases themselves are not only for books. They are a great place for displaying photos, ornaments or souvenirs. A standard size unit typically has three shelves above the cabinet, with equal or varying distance between them, depending on your chosen design.

The centre part of the alcove is the focal piece of the unit. It can be used to hold and frame your TV or large items. The standard dwarf unit is about 45 cm deep and about 80 cm height, typically fitted with one or two interior shelves. These sizes offer great functional space for a TV, DVD or game box, and musical equipment.

The very bottom of the alcove typically has a protruding or recessing plinth, which is the sturdy base of the alcove unit.

We offer a variety of worktop finishes as well as additional features, depending on your preferred style.

some of our most common customisations include:

The cabinet doors installed on traditional or concealed hinges, as well as with the soft close feature, showing simplicity, elegance and functionality.

Top lighting installed in the upper part of the alcove, creating a charming atmosphere in the room.

The alcove sides, wall or edges detailed with ornamental vertical grooves, cornices or door mouldings, giving them a characteristic traditional style.

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