The Modern Mantel Piece

The Modern Mantel Piece with a Built-In Media Unit and Fireplace

Say goodbye to bulky entertainment centres and standalone fireplaces consuming precious floor space. With a built-in media unit and fireplace, you can enjoy integrated storage and display while adding a sleek, contemporary touch to your home. This modern mantel piece serves as both a stylish focal point and a practical space for relaxation and entertainment.

The primary advantage of a built-in media unit and fireplace lies in its space optimization. By seamlessly integrating storage, display, and heating elements, you can create a streamlined, clutter-free environment, especially beneficial for smaller living rooms or open-concept spaces.

Moreover, the sleek design of a built-in media unit and fireplace adds sophistication to any interior. Whether your aesthetic leans towards minimalist or classic, this versatile design element can be customized to match your style and complement existing decor. With options ranging from LED fireplaces to wood-burning stoves, you can create a cozy ambiance that reflects your personal taste.

At Alcove Carpentry, we specialize in crafting custom-built furniture and cabinetry solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our skilled craftsmen are experienced in designing and installing built-in media units and fireplaces, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship from concept to completion. Collaborate with us to bring your vision to life and create a living space that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

Why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your living space with a modern mantel piece featuring a built-in media unit and fireplace? With Alcove Carpentry, turn your design dreams into reality and enjoy a living room that is both stylish and practical.


Our most recent built-in media and fireplace unit is this stunning burgundy living room set.

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