99 Alcove Ideas

99 Alcove Ideas   Which alcove unit is best for you and your home? Alcove units are versatile pieces of furniture that bring both functionality and style to your living space. To help you decide what alcoves you living spaces … Continue reading

The anatomy of Alcove unit

The anatomy of Alcove Unit At the very top of the alcove sits the coving, which is a curved wooden strip used as a junction to begin the transition from the ceiling to the bookcase shelving. The bookcases themselves are … Continue reading

Wine Rack Shelves

The Sophistication of Wine Rack Shelves Certain elements in home design possess a distinct ability to elevate the atmosphere of a space, imbuing it with elegance and refinement. One such element that effortlessly achieves this is the wine rack shelf. … Continue reading

The Modern Mantel Piece

The Modern Mantel Piece with a Built-In Media Unit and Fireplace Say goodbye to bulky entertainment centres and standalone fireplaces consuming precious floor space. With a built-in media unit and fireplace, you can enjoy integrated storage and display while adding … Continue reading

The Timeless Allure of Scallop

  The Timeless Allure of Scallop Edges in Furniture Design In the realm of interior design, certain features stand out for their ability to infuse spaces with sophistication and charm. One such element that has been gaining attention in recent … Continue reading

Toilet Fitted Cabinet

The Elegance of a Toilet Fitted Cabinet Creating a bathroom that exudes elegance and sophistication is a top priority for homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces. One often-overlooked element that can make a significant difference is the toilet fitted … Continue reading

Why bespoke alcove cupboards

Why bespoke alcove units are cheeper then DIY one 1. DIY is not as cheap as it seems Although prices for DIY alcove cabinets can be “easily” calculated online, you will find yourself being charged heavy extras for minor design … Continue reading

The bird house

This beautiful bird house, which was made to the order. It is made of solid wood and painted with white and green outdoor paint. This is a great garden decoration.

60 Minutes Makeover

We had the pleasure take part in 60 minutes makeover for Andy Smith in Gillingham Kent. We made two alcove cabinets shaker style with six floating shelves. This Furniture was painted in Farrow & Ball finish.

Alcove Carpentry hosted on ITV’s 60 minute makeover home edition

  On the 12th of November 2013, Alcove Carpentry hosted on ITV’s 60 minute makeover home edition. We took a part in an event to give our furniture and works for other people to enjoy.  Our work can be seen … Continue reading

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